Essay on nature my best friend in marathi language

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Next up is turning lol. I am surprised at how many muscles you use for balancing/riding. Cause they're all sore lol. This is an exciting way to ride and stay in shape! You guys have an awesome product! I love my half bike!

After four days my biggest achievement with the halfbike was driving annual around 250 metres in a straight line, without falling. And after a 45-minute session I could barely walk, as the muscles needed to ride the halfbike are rarely used otherwise (unless you our live on the top of the eiffel tower). Anyway, i started to love. That feeling when the bike is finally riding and i am able to control it is very rewarding and definitely makes up for a really steep learning curve. After a few weeks i am able to quite comfortably drive for around 4 kilometres - and it all comes naturally, without thinking. Despite that, i know that the halfbike is definitely not for everyone. You need a lot of motivation and will to want to learn it (and master it but at least to me it is definitely worth every second spent with. All the best, miki, ronda. I'd like to let you guys know that i love my new halfbike! I've only had it 2 days and i am addicted. There is a learning curve but after an hour I had going straight down pat.

essay on nature my best friend in marathi language

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The trips now range between 70-90km Halfbike after my running session, some days the running is skipped completely and it easily ends up with 100km on the halfbike. A keeper for sure. What a wonderful little device. I absolutely love it! Took a few tries to get going, but once Im up - flying! One of the most awesome things on this planet. It is good that you have 14 days to send the bike back, because you might seriously consider. Resist that though, and give the bike a chance. Or even many, you will not regret.

essay on nature my best friend in marathi language

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And although I have got a lot of troubles with my knees (cross-bounds and menisci are heavily damaged since years and decades) i've got the book impression, that the way of movement is much better than on a normal bike: all the muscles of the leg. That's my personal experience. What started as a toy to play around on, for three days, turned out to be a complete game-changer and has become an essential piece of tool in my Ultra-running training. After learning the basic skills in a parking basement, it was taken on a longer ride, to learn to master it in the daily rush-hour traffic in Copenhagen. First day went surprising well, and the distance was increased to 50km over the next couple of days. The biggest surprise was that it gave the exact same feeling in my body afterwards as the same distance covered in running would give me, but without the pounding to my joints and feet. The way you stand while riding it, the movement of the legs/feet are similar to the motion used while running. That was a year ago (Summer 16 today it is incorporated in the training program as second to the running itself, and it is the single best contributor to developing endurance for multi-days Ultra-running races without risking an overload or injury.

I've had so much fun the past two weeks riding. Definitely had the early challenges of balancing and getting started but now I'm able to go blocks or miles on some rides without stopping and it's amazing. Lots of people have asked about it and i've been letting them try it themselves. They find it fun and a good challenge. Loving it more and more and since the weather has been nice it's fun to use in the city. Thank so much and hope you're doing well! As you may suspect i am really fascinated about the halfbike and the way of movement on. Even after a long day work, i usually take my bike at 9:00 pm for a ride of at least half an hour as a personal workout.

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essay on nature my best friend in marathi language

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I've also done a couple of 12km rides. Although I had read they're not recommended for over 5km. If you are fit and used to cycling it's not hard to do 10km. You feel it more in your calves and front of your quads than a normal bike. Love by halfbike a great invention and it's my 4th bike in my garage but originator the most used now. For me to buy the halfbike has been a punch of energy and joy. It lets me enjoy riding it and experience another way to do sport.

At the same time, it makes me feel fit and happy. I meet people when I ride it and go to parks or around the cities. I visit different cities and it let me move quicker than walking as well as enjoying the ride and do sport. At the beginning it is a bit difficult and tiring because it depends very much of your balance on the halfbike and your shape, but once you get it, the curves are very exciting and you get fit quickly without impact in your joints. I'm blown away by the half bike.

My halfbike arrived from the other side of the world within 5 days. It was very easily assembled. I a cyclist and do a lot of road miles on a solo bike and also a tandem and abit of mountain biking aswell. My apartment carpark was a great place to relearn how to ride a bike. The half bike is a new ball, game but easily mastered.

Took me maybe 20 minutes to get the basic is and be confident enough to head out of the car park. First and foremost a half bike is fun and it's a great urban cruiser. That's what I got it for, so i can go to local cafes etc without having to put cleats and cycling shoes on to ride, my other bikes, so convent to go to the beach, park or cafe wearing street shoes and clothes. Everyone notices the halfbike and comments. I've let loads of people have a go on it, everyone loves. I think it's easiest to get a beginner used to the steering motion, by putting one foot on the frame between the pedals and scooting it like a scooter for a minute or so just to get the hang of how it feels and turns. I've since fitted a universal mtb mud guard so i don't get a wet crutch riding through puddles.

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No words to describe the flying sensation. Unique, amazingly fun, great workout, quality through and writing through, great conversation piece, and I could say more! My first attempt to ride my halfbike i asked myself, "Can I really ride this?" At 70 years young it twist only took me 20 minutes to learn to ride. I have been riding my halfbike for about 2 months now and you will never find me without full safety protection, even though I thankfully have never had to test it! If you like adventure and a good challange i highly recommend you give the halfbike serious consideration! You will not be disappointed i assure you! Happy halfbiking in your neighborhood!

essay on nature my best friend in marathi language

Once you learn develop your motor skills e bike's a blast!.Great attention / conversation starter for sure! Easily mple to d fun, fun, fun!.Thanx for the concept, development and actual engineering design! I got mine last Wednesday, right before Thanksgiving so i was womens able to spend a bit of time on it (particularly with the unseasonably warm weather). It does take a bit of getting used. So, i took the approach of trying to stand on it balanced with no movement and then pushed forward. Taking that approach got me started relatively quickly and within about 10 or 15 minutes of use i was able to just jump on and start riding. Turning took a bit more practice - i was riding up and down the street turning around at each end and I found that I was more unstable on left turns and it took more time to get around that way without jumping off than. My daughter took this video on Thanksgiving day: m/watch?

actually amazing how fast you get used to this new movements. Me myself have had a blast of fun specially sharing this with friends. First time i showed everyone the halfbike we were at a barbeque and I showed up riding fast and making turns with. Everyone was stoked; they hadn´t seen that thing on their lifes and everyone wanted to try. It´s fun to see how people try to get used to the halfbike and how some get used to the movements very fast. Next step for me: start jumping and doing tricks because i´m already too used to be faster than cars in town (hahaha). If you´re thinking on a halfbike go and try. I´m sure you would like it!

We do get to try and trust our body, our instinct, and learn to rely on our sense of balance and ability to react. The halfbike itself is good quality, feels good, as you essay progress, you will start to use the 3 gears, if you chose that model, and love the humming of the gears. The halfbike team is great, their support is amazing, and they will treat you not as a number but as a person. This is a great product, made by good people. Dear Halfbike users or potential users: Riding a halfbike would be the best thing you would do on your day; not only because everyone in town would look at you but also because of the fun that it takes on learning this new sport. Once you jump up on a halfbike the first hought is: "I won´t be able to ride this in my life". Because it´s something you have never done.

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Learn more, shop now, nuno. My halfbike came in July 2017 and I was saving money ever since i saw the pre-order. During the long wait, i checked videos of how to ride. It is different from anything I had tried before. The learning curve is not twist that hard (I had prepared for something really) but it is so damn fun. It's a challenge and a new motor skill. After a few minutes, there was a click and I could grasp how the balance worked, even if I could still not do it and after a couple of days I could actually ride. Now, i just step on it and pedal, and it is as natural as a bike. The balance, though, still offers daily subtle delightful improvement opportunities.

essay on nature my best friend in marathi language
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