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Take your eva strip and cut a strip that is the length of your waistline. I made mine 2 inches wide also. I took some craft foam and added a few things like a buckle and some decorations.(pic 1). I used a hole puncher and craft foam for the circles. For the straps that connect to the holders, i just made strips and cut shallow lines in them. Then i expanded those cut lines with the heating gun. I glued some fabric onto the strips so they wouldn't tear.

Once the pieces are drawn, i number them and draw and cut out the whole completed chest piece from eva foam. En cut each piece out with an thesis exacto knife and set those pieces to the side. (pic 2).i do not tear the template, because i use it as a grid for where i am to glue the pieces.(pic 3). Once that is done, i should have an indication where all my pieces are. All the pieces for the armor should be drawn into the eva foam and cut out with an exacto knife. For the pectoral pieces, i usually cut it from one piece of eva foam. Then i use a heating gun and bowl to round the pieces a bit. I typically use a dremel to sand off the edges from the eva foam for a nice clean look. If i want some indentations or lines (Ab pieces), i make resume a shallow cut in the phone and apply heat to it from the heating gun. I then used a thin piece of craft foam for the batman symbol on the chest (pic 8). Step 7: Belt.

armor paper shredder

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They arent visible in pictures.(pic 3 4). Step 6: Chest piece. Just like all my tutorials, i start off with a paper template. I first take a measurement of the persons chest from armpit to armpit. Then from shoulder to waistline. I cut out a paper rectangle from those dimensions, bend the rectangle in half (length wise) and start drawing the outlines i want. picture is not from this build, but premise is still the same).

armor paper shredder

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Regardless of you go with option 1 or 2 for your helmet: 1 Pop your lenses out of the sunglasses and apply the window tint to them. Use your exacto knife and cut out a center triangle from the lenses (pic 1 2). Glue the lenses in place from the inside of the helmet. You don't have to put hot glue completely around the lens. It is actually important you don't, so that you can have some space to help the moisture from your face to escape. If not, you will have super foggy lenses when you put. It will also allow for some breathing room. Lastly, after you paint the mask, drill small air holes within the black line.

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armor paper shredder

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Print or draw out your template, (pic 1, not from this build, but premise is the same). Since i already had a bonded helmet, i took masking tape and applied it to my bondo red Helmet helmet. I then cut the masking tape off in strategic areas that the tape functioned as my template. Transfer the templates onto your eva foam an cut out the pieces.(pic 2, not from this build, but premise in the same). Cut out your pieces from eva foam (pic 3). Glue seams together with either contact cement or hot glue and then hit with the heat gun to allow for shape (pic 4).

If you plan it carefully, you can cover most of the seams up with a strip of craft foam to use as an accent. I eventually thinned out the black accent lines. That should be writing it with construction one (Bondo) is on your left, version 2 (Foam) is on your right. The only thing I'm not too crazy about resume with the foam build is that it doesn't hug around the jawline and sits more as a "bell shape on your head" rather than an oval. Step 5: eyes, Breathing Holes, and Balaclava/ Bib.

When you bondo it, you have several stages. One is the base layer (which is the processes of just getting the bondo on the helmet. It's rough and ugly. From there, it is a process of sanding, and reapplying bondo, sanding, and reapplying bondo until you are satisfied. Step 4: Helmet: foam Version (Option 2).

I was getting tired of continuously having to re-bondo my helmet, so i decided to make a foam version that could somewhat get a little smushed. This requires you to already have a completed helmet done from option. Or, you can just find a paper template and go from there. There are a few options if you look around. You can also try typing in the work "pepakura" Here are a few places to check out templates. Jf custom on the rpf.

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Step 3: Helmet: Bondo Stage (Option 1). Next, you want to temporarily good put resume the mask back together so that it looks like one piece before you bondo. I took a very small amount of hot glue and glued the front and back piece together. From here, i attached the door hinge on the left side of the helmet (pic 2) and the hook latch on the right side (pic 3). I put bondo on the entire thing. Remember to do this outside and wear a mask, as this stuff cant be good for your health. pic is not from this build, but the premise is the same).

armor paper shredder

Keep going until you have a cap (pic 3 4). Once you have your cardboard cap, glue the hockey mask onto festival the front (pic 5, sec C). From there, start with putting cardboard on the sides of the helmet. (pic 5, sec D). If you can do this with one solid piece of cardboard per side, more power to you, if you use several pieces, that is fine too. Make sure you build over your ears, because you will need a reference point to finish the back of the helmet. At this point, you want to carefully cut the mask in half, just past your ear, which will give you a front and back (pic 5, sec E). Lastly, finish the back half with cardboard to cover up the back of your head (pic 5, sec F). When you put it together, it should completely cover your head.

(pic 1). Then take 3more strips and put them over the top of your head. One long one that goes from front to back, and two smaller strips that go on the sides (pic 1). I sometimes add another strip in between the cross. So the crown has 7 strips across the top (6 short ones, and 1 long one from front to back) (pic 1). Now, you add triangle pieces of cardboard in between the cross (pic 2).

The higher the boot, the better. Id say a biker/ military boot would be fine. If you wanted to wear dress shoes, i don't think anyone would knock you for. I use a motorcycle balaclava to cover up my neck. (pic 4) spite wearing a balaclava for the build, sometimes your neck can still show. I created a bib out of some fabric. You can take even an old black t-shirt, cut a circle from the middle and wallpaper stick your head through. This method allows for you to wear just a black shirt or even tank top underneath your jacket instead of having to wear something overly warm like a turtle neck or under armor.

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Step 1: Clothes 1) i originally had a black motorcycle shakespeare jacket but wanted to find something more accurate. Luckily my friend had the exact jacket i needed. ( pic 2). Make sure you have black leather gloves. I didn't want to ruin this pair, but if you want, you can glue on a rectangular piece of eva foam on the back of the hands for guards. I think the rendition of Red hood just depends on the artist drawing him. Don't forget your black slacks and boots.

armor paper shredder
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The barrel spins clockwise while in first person and counter-clockwise while in third person when using power armor. than baseline Shredder and his armor more durable, it also possessed a number of weak points that the more skilled and agile Shredder. Magician610 favorited How to make japanese 6-1 maille Armor by ineverfinishanyth1 year ago.

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  2. Not the armor clad ninja guy who was always trying to mess up the teenage mutant ninja turtles, but the kind that takes a single sheet. in a paper shredder. Imagine the insult being burned in a big bonfire. Imagine that you are wearing insult-proof armor.

  3. Case Black This Urban, armor, gear Case has a frogSkin construction that's water-resistant to protect your ipad against accidental spills. By tomcat94 in weapons armor, samurai on a dime! Paper, samurai costume cardboard, armor by rachel in, paper. 2) fold it in half, draw in your template and then start cutting out the general shape from the folded paper (pic 1).

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