Essay on my favourite animal dog in marathi

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This one can be said in admiration, whereas "tā māde" is just abusive. See his essay, "On 'his mother's. Tā māde niǎo ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) goddamn it (lit. "his mother's dick / literally is "bird but used here as a euphemism for diǎo ; ; "penis qù nǐ nǎinaide ( Chinese : ) your mom (lit. "go to your grandma qù nǐ māde ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) your mom (lit. "go to your mom qù nǐde ( Chinese : ) fuck you, screw off, shut up (used jokingly and is considered mild and not insulting) nǐ māde bī ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) your mother's cunt cào nǐ mā ( simplified.

High tide, also used to describe a climax point in other domains) chā to have sex (lit. To insert) chǎofàn to have sex (lit. "making stir-fried rice hēi xiū to have sex (onomatopoeia for grunting noises made when exerting effort, heave-ho ) dǎ huíhé to have sex (lit. "a round of a fight but usually made into number of rounds if having sex multiple times, such as " or "round 3 of fighting" to mean "3rd time having sex qiángjiān rape jījiān sodomy shèjīng to ejaculate (scientific) cháo chuī female ejaculation; squirt (lit. "orgasm blow rǔjiāo intermammary sex; tit-fuck (lit. "breast intercourse zhēnzhū xiàngliàn ejaculating on a woman's chest after intramammary sex; pearl necklace jiào chuáng moaning in bed Insults edit As in English, a vulgar word for the sexual act is used in insults and expletives: cào fuck (the variant character was in use. is often used as a substitute for in print or on the computer, because was until recently often not available for typesetting or input. Cào nǐ zǔzōng shíbā dài "Fuck your ancestors to the eighteenth generation the cào, in modern Standard Chinese, is often substituted with ; the cào (fuck) has been substituted for, which meant "confiscate all the property of someone and of his entire extended family.". Mother edit Insulting someone's mother is also common: tā māde ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese :, im : tmd) fuck his mother's, or frequently used as "Shit!" (lit. "his mother's in the 1920s the famous writer lu xun joked that this should be China's national about curse word) tā mā bāzi ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : his mother's clitoris. Lu xun differentiates this expression from the previous one.

essay on my favourite animal dog in marathi

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Rì ( ) (lit. "to enter to fuck. The meaning is obvious and in normal contexts is pronounced. But when it is used as a coarse expression, the dissertation "u" is elided. It is also commonly seen on internet websites and forums as rì, due to similar pronunciation and ease of input. Burst the chrysanthemum (anus. E., insert the penis into the anus dǎpào to ejaculate (lit. To fire the cannon) gāocháo sexual orgasm (lit.

essay on my favourite animal dog in marathi

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"to see visit Miss five to see use five prostitutes fingers) zìkuài masturbation (lit. Private pleasure) zhǐjiāo fingering jiǎ yīnjīng dildo (lit. Fake penis) ànmó bàng vibrator (lit. Massage stick) Foreplay edit kǒu jiāo oral intercourse (scientific informally euphemized in text as " ( yǎo, lit. "bite" due to its resemblance) chuī gōng blowjob (lit. "blow service chuī xiāo blowjob play flute hā bàng taiwanese slang for blowjob shēnhóu deep throating càokǒu mouth fucking (a form of blowjob) miàncào face fucking diào chábāo teabagging yīnhù kǒujiāo cunnilingus (scientific) tiǎnyīn muff diving (lit. "licking vagina pǐnyù muff diving (lit. "evaluating jade chībī eat pussy (borrowed from English) yánmiàn qíchéng facesitting tiǎngāng anilingus (scientific) dúlóng zuān anilingus (lit. "drilling for poisonous dragons sexual intercourse edit cào ( / ) to fuck (the first shown Chinese character is made up of components meaning "to enter" and "the writing flesh the second is the etymological graph, with the standard meaning being "to do exercise gàn (.

Hòutíng ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) - anus. Masturbation edit male masturbation, at least, has several vulgar expressions, in addition to two formal/scientific ones that refer to both male and female masturbation ( shǒuyín and zìwèi dǎ shǒuqiāng ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) male masturbation (lit. "firing a handgun dǎ fēijī ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) male masturbation (lit. A term which originated from the cantonese language. Lǚguǎn / lǚguǎnr male masturbation (lit. "stroke the pipe lūgǔan male masturbation, also "stroking the pipe" wán lǎo èr male masturbation (lit., "play with little brother wǔdǎyī male masturbation (lit. "five beating one jiàn Wǔ gūniáng ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) male masturbation (lit.

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essay on my favourite animal dog in marathi

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4 The typical instance is bōbà ( Chinese : which refers to a woman with very large breasts. Fúshòu ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional essay Chinese : literally "happy long life nāināi ( Chinese : ) boobies. Xǐmiàn nǎi motorboating (lit. "facial cleanser where " serves as both slang for breasts and a thick liquid, and pressing one's head between a woman's breasts vaguely resembles washing one's face) zār ( Chinese : ) (Beijing slang) gege (Tianjin slang) bàorǔ ( Chinese : ; literally: "busty breasts. Fēijīchǎng large ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ; literally "airport flat breasts háng kōng mǔ jiàn ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) - literally " aircraft carrier referring to a flat chest. Compare with (zhàn jiàn meaning battleship, which refers to larger-sized "chimneys" of the chest.

Tàipíng gōngzhǔ ( Chinese : ) means Princess of peace, this was the actual title of a real princess. However means great or extreme and means flat or level. Hence, this phrase is a double entendre,. E., "Extremely Flat Princess." Anus edit júhuā ( Chinese : literally " chrysanthemums - anus. This term comes from the observation that the shape of an anal opening resembles a chrysanthemum flower, where the skin folds are comparable to the flower's small, thin petals. Although nowadays usage is mostly common amongst Chinese netizens, the euphemism has existed in Chinese literature from much earlier. Pìyǎn ( Chinese : ) - anal orifice, asshole gāngmén simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) - anus (medical term literally "door of anus".

Xiǎojiě means "Miss" or "Small elder sister" in most contexts but, now in Northern China, also connotes "prostitute" to many young women, as it suggests expressions like zuò xiǎojiě or sānpéi xiǎojiě which refers to bargirls who may also be prostitutes. This connotation does not apply outside of the people's Republic of China. Mistress edit xiǎo lǎopó mistress (lit. "little wife" or "little old women. Note: when combined with other words, the character (lǎo, literally "old does not always refer to age; for example, it is used in the terms (lǎogōng 'husband (lǎopó 'wife (lǎoshǔ 'mouse or other, more rare cases such as (lǎohǔ 'tiger (lǎoyīng 'eagle (lǎowài 'foreigner. (lǎo 'old thus often carries with it a degree of familiarity.

Xiǎo tàitai ( Chinese : lit., "little wife" (but definitely not to be mistaken for "the little woman which can be a way of referring to a wife in English). Èr nǎi ( Chinese : lit., "the second mistress" (means a concubine, a kept woman). Xiǎo sān ( Chinese : lit., "little three" (means a mistress, since she is supposed to be the third person in a relationship). Breasts edit mīmī literally cat's purring "meow meow is a euphemism for breast. Dà dòufu literally "big tofu slang for large breasts, more prevalent in guangdong mántóu ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ; literally "steamed bun also refers to a woman's breasts; as mantou is typical of northern Chinese cuisine this term is used primarily. Bō literally "wave" or "undulating but sometimes suggested to be derived from "ball" which has a similar pronunciation) boobs.

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"lewd cunt chòubī stinking cunt lànbī ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) rotten cunt yīndào ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) vagina (scientific) yīnhù ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) vulva (scientific) táohuāyuán vagina (lit. "garden of peach blossoms zhuāngbī ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) poser (lit. "pretending to be the cunt dà yí mā ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) literally "The Eldest mattress Aunt a popular mainland contemporary term which refers to menstruation. Comparable to 'a visit from Aunt Flo ' 1 2 Brothel frequenter edit yín chóng literally, lewd worms. Men who enjoy frequent sex with women. Lǎo piáo internet literally, old frequenter of prostitutes. There is actually a verb for frequenting prostitutes in Chinese. 3 Prostitution edit In addition to the above expressions used as insults directed against women, other insults involve insinuating that they are prostitutes: jì nǚ (female) prostitute chòu biǎozi stinking whore mài dòufu ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ; literally "selling tofu.

essay on my favourite animal dog in marathi

Based on regular sound change rules, we would expect the word for bird in Mandarin to be pronounced diǎo, but Mandarin dialects' pronunciations of the word for bird evolved to an alveolar nasal initial, likely as a means of taboo avoidance, giving contemporary niǎo while. Vagina edit There appear to be more words for vagina than for penis. The former are more commonly used as insults and are also more aggressive and have negative connotations: bī (, im : B) rogers cunt jībái ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) cunt (Taiwanese mandarin, near-homophone of hokkien profanity chi-bai ) xiǎomèimei ( Chinese. "little younger sister see. Xiaodidi above) bàoyú pussy (lit. " abalone " due to its flesh having a superficial resemblance to a vulva) èrbī im : 2B) fucking idiot or inbred (lit. "double vagina general insult) shǎbī ( ) stupid person (lit. "stupid cunt im : sb sāobī ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) bitch (lit.

seen in novels/fictions. "That thing "that matter xiǎo niǎo ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) used by people (mostly children) in taiwan, malaysia, and Singapore to mean penis (lit. "little bird often simplified to niǎo lit. "bird guītóu ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) turtle's head (glans/penis) bāopí foreskin (literally: wrapper) diǎosī ( ) originally meant male pubic hair, but means an unprivileged nobody. Formerly Internet slang, now a popular word often used in self-mockery (lit. "dick silk/wire note: One should note that in Middle Chinese the words for and were homophones. The fǎnqiè of " and the fǎnqiè of " simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : " denoted the same pronunciation; both began with a voiceless unaspirated alveolar stop t/ in ipa and d in pinyin) and the same vowel and tone.

Slang words for the penis refer to it literally, and are not necessarily negative words: jībā ( simplified Chinese : traditional Chinese : im abbreviation: J8/G8) cock (used as early as the. Yuan Dynasty also written jījī ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : im : JJ/GG) roughly equivalent of "thingy" as it is the childish version of the above. Jūju baby talk, "tool". Xiǎo dìdi roughly equivalent of "wee-wee" (lit. Im : dd kuàxià wù roughly equivalent of "the package" (lit. "thing under homework crotch yīnjīng ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) penis (scientific) diǎo ( Chinese : lang or substituted by ) dick (the same character also means to have sexual intercourse in Cantonese, alternatively written as ) lìn same as used. Also written as " in Cantonese.

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"Chinese profanity" redirects here. For profanities in Cantonese Chinese, see. The traditional Chinese characters for the word huàidàn a mandarin Chinese profanity meaning, literally, "bad japanese egg". Profanity in, mandarin Chinese most commonly involves sexual references and scorn of the object's ancestors, especially their mother. Other Mandarin insults accuse people of not being human. Compared to English, scatological and blasphemous references are less often used. In this article, unless otherwise noted, the traditional character will follow the simplified variant if it is different. Contents, penis edit, as in English, many mandarin Chinese slang terms involve the genitalia or other sexual terms.

essay on my favourite animal dog in marathi
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