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National Flag can be flown from morning till evening (sunrise to sunset) in any weather. It is prohibited to intentionally dishonour the national flag or touch it to the ground, floor or trail in water. It should not be used to cover the top, bottom, sides or back of any vehicle, like car, boat, trains, or aircraft. On flag other than the Indian should be displayed at higher level. Related Information: Independence day, independence day essay, independence day speech. March 14, 2013, national flags not only the symbol of a country but also an identity of any nation. National flags reveal the ideology of any country. The concept of flag is much old; it even prevails in ancient times.

Ashoka chakra was taken from the biographies pillar of the Ashok, sarnath (Lion Capital of Ashoka). Our national flag is of great significance to all. All the colours, strips, wheel and clothe used in the flag have their special significance. Flag code of India homework decides the use and display of national flag. Till 52 years after the independence of India, national flag was not allowed to display by the people however later the rule was altered (according to the flag code 26th January 2002) to use flag at homes, offices and factories on any special occasion. National Flag is hoisted on the national occasions like republic day, independence day, etc. It is also displayed in the schools and educational institutions (colleges, universities, sports camps, scout camps, etc) to inspire the students for honouring and respecting the Indian Flag. Students take an oath and sing national anthem while unfurling the national flag in the schools and colleges. Public and private organization members may also hoist the flag on any occasions, ceremonial event, etc. It is restricted to display the national flag for any communal or personal gains. Nobody is allowed to display the flag made of other clothes otherwise it is a punishment of imprisonment and fine.

national flag essay in english

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The national Flag of India is advantages also known as the tiranga Jhanda. It was first officially adopted during the meeting of Constituent Assembly on July 22nd in 1947. It was adopted 24 days before the independence of India from British rule. It was designed by the pingali venkayya. It was so designed in horizontal shape having three colours of saffron, white and green in equivalent proportions. The upper saffron colour, white middle, lower dark green colours. Our national flag contains 2:3 ratio of width and length. In the centre a navy blue wheel having 24 spokes is designed in the middle white strip.

national flag essay in english

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Our national flag was first designed by the pingali venkayya. It is considered that the saffron and green strip was decided to honour both religions like hindu and Muslim. Later a white strip was added in the middle with a spinning wheel in the centre to symbolize the respect to other religions. Before the independence of India, various Indian flags were designed to precede the Indian Independence movement to get hazlitt freedom from the British rulers. Finally the present design of the national was officially adopted. Earlier the display of national flag was prohibited by the common public and it was only displayed by the government officials during any national event however later it was allowed to the common public to display the national flag to their own premises. It is a symbol of unity and honour to our motherland, so we all should always respect our national flag and never let its honour go down. National Flag of India essay 6 (400 words).

It contains tricolour horizontal stripes of uppermost saffron, middle white and lowermost green. The middle one white strip contains a navy blue ashoka chakra (also called Dharma Chakra) in its centre. The present time Indian national flag was first officially adopted in the constituent Assembly meeting on 22nd of July in 1947. The ratio of length and width of the Indian flag is 3:2. Prevention of Improper Use Act, 1950 and Prevention of Insults to national Honour Act, 1971 both, governs the use and display of national flag. Flag Code of India was established in 2002 to govern all the laws, practices conventions, and instructions to respect and honour the Indian flag. The Indian national flag was first proposed by the mahatma gandhi in 1921 to the Indian National Congress.

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national flag essay in english

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We should always respect our flag and never let it go down for our motherland. Our national flag is horizontally designed using tricolour strips of saffron, white and green. The middle white portion has navy blue ashok chakra with 24 spokes. All the three colours, Ashok chakra and 24 spokes have their own meaning and significance. The uppermost Saffron colour symbolizes the devotion and renunciation. The middle white color indicates the peace and harmony.

And the lowermost green colour indicates youth and energy. However, the Ashoka chakra (means Wheel of Ashoka) symbolizes the peace and courageousness. Our national flag is made up of khadi clothe which is a special hand-spun cloth initiated by the mahatma gandhi. All the manufacturing processes and designing specifications essay are handled by the bureau of Indian Standards. It is strictly forbidden in our country to use the flag made up of other clothes instead of Khadi. National Flag of India essay 5 (300 words). Our national flag is also called as the tiranga Jhanda as it has three colours.

Our national flag teaches us the lesson of unity, peace and humanity. It helps us to believe in the truth and unity. It is hoisted every year by the Indian prime minister of India on 15th of August and by the President of India on 26th of January. However, it is hoisted by both of them at Red Fort followed by address to people of India. Our national flag is made up of khadi clothe, a hand-made clothe initiated by the mahatma gandhi. It is strictly prohibited in our country to fly a national flag made up of clothe other than Khadi.

National Flag of India essay 4 (250 words). India got independence after long years of struggle of more than thousands brave indian freedom fighters. India got freedom on 15th of August in 1947 from the British rule. Some days before the independence of India, the national flag of India was adopted on 22nd of July in 1947 (in the meeting of constituent assembly) as a symbol of unity and great triumph. Our national is tricolour so called Tiranga zanda. Our national flag is courage and inspiration for. It makes us remember about the sacrifices of our great Indian freedom fighters. It makes us remember that how tough that moment was for them. Getting freedom was not so easy.

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National Flag of India essay 3 (200 words). The national flag of India was adopted on 22nd of July in 1947 some days after the independence of India on 15th of August, 1947 from the British rule. The Indian national flag contains three beauty colours and thus also called as the tiranga. The uppermost saffron colour indicates sacrifice and selflessness, middle white colour indicates truth, peace and purity and lowermost green colour indicates youth and energy. The middle white colour contains a navy blue colour Ashoka chakra which has 24 equal spokes. Our national flag is a symbol of freedom, pride, unity and honour. Ashok chakra indicates real victory of honesty and justice.

national flag essay in english

It is pet hoisted in the government offices, schools and other educational institutions on the occasions. Republic day, independence day and other national events. Indian national flag was first time adopted on July 22nd in 1947. Our national flag is a beautifully designed tricolour flag, also known as Tiranga. It is made up of hand-made Khadi clothes. It is completely restricted to make the Indian flag using clothes other than the Khadi. The topmost colour of national flag is saffron, middle white and lower deep green. Saffron colour symbolizes sacrifice and selflessness, white colour truth and purity and green youth and energy.

flag is saffron, middle one is white and lowermost color is green colour. The middle strip of white colour contains a navy blue ashok chakra having 24 equally divided spokes. National Flag of India essay 2 (150 words). National flag is our unique identity of being a citizen of an independent nation. Every independent nation has its unique flag. Our national flag is a symbol of unity and freedom. The national flag is hoisted on every national occasion by the government official however Indian citizens are also allowed to fly the national flag on some occasions.

It is of great significance. We should respect and know everything about our national flag. Here we have provided some simple and easy essay on National Flag of India for the students so that they can participate in the essay writing competition in their school. Yes, students, you are at right place, select any one of these national Flag of India essay according to your need and requirement: Independence day, independence day essay, independence day speech. Slogans on Independence day, paragraph on Independence day, facts about Independence day of India. Independence day"s, national Flag of India essay 1 (100 words). India is our country and our National Flag is very important for all. Our national flag is the symbol of unity for the people of different religions essay living here.

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The national flag of india is in tricolour ( tiranga) of deep saffron (Kesari) at the top, white in the middle and dark green at the bottom in equal proportions. English essay on Our National Flag for Children and Students. This simple expression of patriotism is often a welcome relieffrom the cynicism of elites in our nation's capital who are too "sophisticated" to becaught waving a flag. Free essays on National Flag Essay in Hindi through. The 53rd, 2002, was a very special day for us Indians. Fifty-four years after the tiranga (our Indian flag as it is popularly known) was adopted by the constituent Assembly as the national flag, the citizens were free to hoist the Indian flag thanks to a public interest petition filed by navin Jindal, a young industrialist. National Flag is the Flag of India having horizontal rectangular shape, tricolor (deep saffron, white and green) and an Ashoka chakra with 24-spokes in navy blue writing color at its centre. The, national flag of India is a symbol of honour and freedom for the country.

national flag essay in english
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the national Flag and the national Anthem is sung. 15 august essay in english, essay for 15 august independence day in school,. English national flag is the indian flag essay especially written for you want 15 august speech, which enriches it further and peace.

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