A business plan is

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Also our competitors sell computers and many different programs. Advertising our competitors not designed for the initial customer. The advertising is distributed in the specialized newspapers and magazines about existence of which the beginner in the computer world (newspapers " That, Where, how mach. Computers and Office' technique." and "Server. Positioning our competitors: Our Customers are the people or organizations, which are going for the first time to get the computer or have got it recently. At us services will buy because of many number of advertising in those journals, tv and radio programs, which are designed first of all for the inexperienced buyer.

Marketing Plan, the characteristic of resume our basic buyers: home computer users. Financial condition above the average. Style of life: employed by work. Education is not technical. An educational level rather high, most likely a university, college or institute degree. Reason of purchasing: purpose to purchase the computer at absence of the information about its required properties or problem with the already bought computer. Average or large enterprise. Reason of purchasing: purpose topurchase some computers and software. At our competitors main goods is not sale of such services, which we are going render. The basic customer of our competitors are firms, using in the work the specialized programs. The basic advantage of our competitors that they for a long time have left on the market.

a business plan is

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The main competitors are "Informatika "Computer-engineering" and "Gendalf". Recently have been introducted internet-services and many new programs. Our business is better than business of our competitors because: we give our buyer two completely new services, which should result that from us in our customers buying other kinds of services, which our competitors render. For reason of rendering of initial service (advice at a choice of the computer) the buyer not only will trust our firm, but also will depend. The greatest force has our main competitor "Informatika". It for a long time way was in the market and has additional advantages by sale of our services, since is also seller of computer engineering. The buyers frequently buy the programs simultaneously with purchase of the computer. The other main competitors have only one advantage, that they have been in the market for a long time and have usual reputation.

a business plan is

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The basic technology : the individual work with each customer. Image of the company: with the help of advertising we consider to create image of the solid company, working with firms and the private persons. Industry Analysis, computer sales grew by The selling of the programs has increased in 1997.3. The receipts of realization of the programs have grown on 13-17. In Russia the growth of sale of the company "Vist" in 1996 has left 23 in comparison with 1996. About 40-60 of new firms have appeared in our industry in the last three years. The main three competitors have appeared for the last 2-5 years.

The quality of our services will be not only same, but also is much higher. Pledge of our success is in the high qualitative personnel, about which tovstolutskaia larisa will tell. Our consumers are all firms and organizations, which use computers, everyone, who needs office software and also home computer users. Our partners: Firms, which create the software for at home and office, distributors of the firms-manufacturers of inventory materials and internet Providers. Service of our firm: recommendation for purchase of computer, protection and rescue computer viruses, teaching to computer's using, selling and installing programs, consultation about the computer's modernisation. The activity of firm will be distributed in Rostov region. Main idea of our Firm: "We'll make computer easy for you". We'll help people to find themselves in the computer and software world.

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a business plan is

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Cash Flow Projection. In the market of computer services now in Rostov exist three firms, which provide computer services. These firms are: Gendalf, computer Ingeniring and Informatika. Thought these firms provide computer services, they are not our competitors, because aimed at other category of the buyers. This situation you can see on the given diagram. The basic buyers of our competitors are the companies, and in general that, which already has experience of work on the computers.

We plan to sell the services above all asp to the home computer users, and in general inexperienced in this sphere. To attract that category of the customers we can above all by the low price and high quality. Besides, our advertising list will be placed in popular mass media and planed for large number of the potential buyers. The advantage of our project consists that it requires small investments and the low costs will ensure large profit. For providing of one additional service our firm will spend only 22 roubles, but we shall sell it for 50 roubles, that is much cheaper, than it costs at our competitors.

One of this ways is to make some changes in the world legislature. Key words: Transnational Corporation; rights of people; un conven tion; international law; Alien Tort Claims Act. By the decree of the President of the russian Federation 1157, with a view ensuring the rights of every man to a healthy environment 2013 in the russian Federation declared the year of environmental protection. Now as never relevant study and modernization of the system envi ronmental management. Environmental problems are followed by economic problems.

Key words: environmental protection; ecology; harmful influence. This article discusses the concept, the essence of the envi ronmental business and the need for its development in Russia as one of the ar eas of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources. Key words: environmental protection; environmental business; natural resources.   7). Rostov state University, business plan, delKI consultation of computer and software. Made by: Massourenkov vladislav, machno Olga, tovstolutskaia larisa 1998, contens:.

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The article covers the important issues of the acquisition of housing by citizens in share participation construction, the associated risks and how to avoid losses. Key words: participatory construction; warranty; risks. One of the forms of organization of pro duction and business in the modern economy, including in the construction in dustry, is outsourcing strategy that provides organizations the solution of prob lems in the functioning and development of the market economy by reducing costs, increasing. Key words: outsourcing; business projects; construction; housing and utilities. The problem of a book project financing in Russia is considered in this article, the main key characteristics of financing of investment projects are allocated. The need of application of this scheme of financing is revealed and proved. Key words: problems of a project financing; organization of a project financing; relevance of a project financing; types of a project financing. The problem of the connection between the society and transnational corporation is discussed in the article. Different ways at solving this problem are analyzed at the examples at the usa and some european coun tries.

a business plan is

It is continually updated and many various changes are taking place in perfecting this plan. Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced learners.-London, 2007. Background and development opportunities of society in surance companies in Russia are considered in conjunction with microfinance institutions (civil and agricultural credit cooperatives). Promising forms of in teraction and participation conditions actors credit cooperative approaches to the development of mechanisms of redistribution of risk and financial resources identified in the mutual insurance red company. Key words: society insurance companies; insurance of agricultural risks; credit cooperatives. Considered modern forms of project activities; trend for mations integration structures in the construction industry in Russia. Holdings, financial and industrial groups, conglomerates, consortiums Examples of ma jor Russian construction companies. Prospects of development of the construc tion industry in Russia. Key words: integration; design; construction; competition.

find ways and means of achieving them and also the expected result and profit. On the market economy, a business plan is a working tool used in all areas of business. A well-designed business plan helps the company to grow, to gain new positions on the market where it op erates, to come up with perspective plans of development. Writing a business plan is art. It is the basis of business pro posals in negotiations with potential investors and potential part ners, when signing contracts with the staff of the firm. The business plan is not just a document of the company, but is also a part of es tablishing contacts. Today «a business plan» is not just a fashionable word in Rus sian. This is an official document that describes the process of the operation of the firm.

Risk management. Mochalova national Research University «Belgorod State University» Belgorod, russia summary: The role of the business essay plan is considered in this article. It is an important part of the market economy. The reasons and the rules of writ ing a business plan is described in these problems. Key words: a business plan; the market. Today the problem of creating a business plan is extremely im portant. There are many reasons why this phenomenon takes place. Many new qualified workers join this field and they need support; skilled economists also have to learn to adapt to the modern compe tition. In the modern world there are many different manuals on es tablishing a business plan of any enterprise.

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Vdecko vydavatelsk centrum «Sociosfra-cz 2013. The role of the business plan in the modern Russian the economy. Economic and legal protectoin of copyright. Unemployment among young garbat., paszkowicz. Unemployment of people with disabilities in garbat. Vocational activation barriers of people with disabilities in employers' view from the lubuskie bulgakov. Effective advertising for banking services through social networks.

a business plan is
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  4. Presented a business plan fitness club organization for the promotion of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle and health promotion areas "fitness". A business plan is a document giving the details of the companys plans for the future 1,. An annual business plan is developed in the company on a yearly. The procedure for concluding agreements is as follows: a business entity intending.

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